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Blues Blog


Hi, my name is Blue. I’m a 5 year old Beagle and as you can see I’m a little over weight. My previous owner was a very nice elderly gentleman who enjoyed cooking. Each day, when he prepared his own breakfast lunch or dinner he made an extra, human sized portion, for me and even shared his beer to wash it down. Unfortunately, my original owner recently passed away, but his son, AJ, decided to adopt me. He has a great family and even has kids for me to play with so, even though I miss my pal, I’m happy living with my new family.


While I really enjoyed my diet of people food and beer, it wasn’t very healthy and I now weigh 73.4 pounds.  I should weigh around 35 to 40 pounds and the extra weight has caused a lot of stress on my back and legs. I have a difficult time getting up after my nap and walking around can be painful so I walk with a limp. I can’t walk for more than a few minutes at and have to sit down to catch my breath. AJ and Jackie were very concerned about this and brought me to see Dr. Gearhart and her Staff at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Gearhart said that I’m pretty healthy for a dog that is obese, but I needed to go on a diet right away.



Mary, the Practice Manager for the clinic, thought it might be interesting to share my story as I begin this journey to a healthier body with the hope that I would inspire other owners and pets to be healthy. Since I agreed to be the PVAH poster dog for weight loss, Mary called her Iams Representative, who readily agreed to sponsor me by providing my new diet of Iams Weight Loss and Mobility Plus. I get 1 2/3 cup twice a day with steamed peas, carrots, and green beans mixed in. So far I really like it. I will go to the clinic every two weeks to be weighed and have my measurements taken so I can track my progress and share it with everyone. I will also try to add as many pictures as I can so I can show off my changing body.




Be sure to check my blog often for my updates!


Start Date:                              September 11, 2013

Starting Weight:                     73.4 pounds

Abdominal Measurements:     34 inches

Chest Measurement:              37 ¼ inches