Hospital Mascots

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Have you met our hospital mascots? Each of these friendly animals came to us with serious injuries. They have overcome their problems and are now permanent members of the Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital family!

Toothbrush is an Australian Bearded Dragon, native to central deserts of that continent. Bearded Dragons are omnivorous and consume many types of insects as well as vegetables. When scared they flatten their bodies, open their mouths, and puff out their chin and neck skin — their so-called "beard".

Toothbrush, like most "beardies," enjoys basking under his heat lamps during the day, saving up his energy to run around the Dog Waiting Room with our staff during their lunch break. He is very spoiled — preferring to be hand-fed. Gentleness is a trait of all "beardies," but we think Toothbrush is particularly attentive and affectionate.

Miss Marbles