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    Words cannot express how Rach and I feel about how you cared for Jillie all the years that you did. She may not have liked all the things done to her at times but she sure did appreciate it in the long run of 17 years hat we had her. You were always there for her when she needed you and for us even when we needed some reassurance. We really feel she would not have done as well as she did without your support. You are all a great caring team; don’t ever change what you are doing. It worked for our little girl and you shouldn’t alter perfection. Thank you again for all you did. ~ NORM & RACHEL A.

    I want you to know how grateful I am for the years of excellent service you’ve given to Gus and the supportive space you made for me in deciding his fate on his last day, not to mention the peaceful passing you provided him. Thank you for the very kind and thoughtful note. You guys are the best! ~ HARVEY W.

    Thank you all for the kind, caring and thoughtful card. I am so thankful that I found your practice, for I feel that your expertise and compassion were the reasons that gave me the precious 7 months with my Fleabers. She and I became even closer over this time which made it especially hard at the end but your skillful, kind and respectful facilitation of her passing eased her and my suffering. Thank you.~ DAWN E.

    We want to thank you . . . Bringing J. to the Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital is one of the BEST decisions we have ever made for her. Acupuncture and physical therapy really improved her quality of life and we know in our hearts she was happy when she passed. You are all very kind and we thank you for all that you have done. ~ J’s FAMILY

    Thank you so much for your extra special care of Clarence Addison. I am so glad to have him home. With your attention, I hope he fares well. With sincere thanks. ~ EMILIE D.

    Yup it’s me . . . "Little" Gray. I was the SPCA guy with the prolapsed rectum that very few expected to make it!!! Well, we fooled them all thanks to the fine care and work done by Dr. Gearhart and the staff at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital. I am now eating regular food, including kibbies, which I love. I run, play and wrestle with my foster brothers and am overall a very social guy. Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am "BIG" Gray now THANKS to you all and to let you know that I’ll be returning to the shelter this week to find myself a forever home . . . again, thanks a lot . . . LUV "BIG" Gray and my foster family. ~ NANCY C.

    We wanted to inform you that your client has made a generous donation to the Dutchess County SPCA on your behalf. This donation honors the excellent care that you provided to her cat, who recently passed away. We commend you on your dedication and compassion for the animals and for the comfort you provided to her cat. ~ DCSPCA

    I was notified yesterday by the Cornell Feline Health Center of your memorial tribute to them in memory of Cleo. What a wonderful generous thing to do. I can’t thank you enough. You and your staff were always so tender and caring to Cleo and all your other patients and the card you all signed and sent me after her passing meant so much to me. I always knew she was in good hands when I left her with you. Thank you for everything. I know I’ll be seeing you in the future as my love of animals continues. With gratitude. ~ AUDREY B.

    We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the excellent care Owen received under your guidance during his sudden crisis. Thank you for taking on his difficult case and for the extra time, research and calls you made in order to help determine an accurate diagnosis. Sending him down to Katonah Bedford Veterinary for round the clock care helped take the additional stress off both Owen and ourselves during such and emotional time. Just knowing someone would always be with him was comforting, especially when he was having seizures and being adjusted on new medications. Additionally, we would like to thank you for staying in contact with Dr. Stephens and staff to monitor his daily progress. Please let your entire staff know how grateful we are, nor only for assisting with Owens care, but for their kind words and genuine concern. We know that you had to sacrifice and extra staff member(s) to sit and comfort Owen, so he would not turn around and pull out his IV’s. Please let those staff members know how much we appreciated the comforting hand, words and love they provided to Owen when we could not be there for him. Also, we appreciate all the extra patience you all had to have with Owen with his excessive urination. The medication had definitely helped bring that under control; he is doing great and lets us know when he needs to go. We will forever be grateful to you and credit your quick thoughts and actions with saving our Owen. Hess a great dog and a loving, affectionate friend. Now he will be with us to enjoy for years to come. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!! ~ STEPHEN, LARISSA AND OWEN J-I

    Again, I would like to thank you for hosting me last week during my spring break. While I am a pre-vet student, I have never before worked in a vet’s office, so this was my first time observing the real "behind-the-scenes" action. I was amazed at how fast-paced things can become and by the extreme amount of preparation, Organization and labor required to make an animal hospital operate efficiently. By merely observing the practice and asking questions, I feel my perception of being a vet has changed somewhat. I did not realize how high-pressure and busy it could be for such extended periods! I was extremely impressed and affected by the fact that you, as well as other staff members really cared for each and every animal that came in. Cases were not just something to be dealt with, but were animals that needed help. That deep desire to help is what makes a good vet great, and is something I hope to attain as well. Thank you again for allowing me to visit for those few days! I had a wonderful time and hope to see you in the future. Best wishes to you and all the staff (and animals) at PVAH. ~ MARGARET D.

    I brought Mama to your hospital because I love her and want her to have the best care. As I am sure you saw for yourself I do not deal well with medical problems. They scare me and give me a feeling of helplessness. It is not because I don’t care but because I am realistic and know that money always has to be a concern. I feel guilty that my financial situation has to be a consideration because I want the best for her. When I adopted Mama I was determined to provide her a loving and good home. However I was naive about the true expense involved in owning a pet. I knew about food, shots and annual check-ups but had no idea about the monthly medications and tests such as blood work, urine and things of that nature. Although the doctors had mentioned her teeth, I did not understand how bad they actually were because they spoke in terms of cleanings. When the doctor talked about an enlarged heart, heart sonograms and cancer, I was beside myself both because of the expense and worry that she was quietly suffering. I was surprised when you called me at home. I did not expect that. I was surprised that you recognized how overwhelmed I was regarding the severity of her dental problems and the cost to correct it. You made me feel so much better when you told me how we could provide sound care until I could afford the dental surgery. I can manage that and feel so much better that I can now keep her health from deteriorating and keep her comfortable while I start saving money for her surgery. The sooner I can have it done the better I will feel because Mama deserves the best . . . the most important day of my life was when I found a doctor for myself that I had confidence in. That peace of mind is very important when dealing with illness. I am glad I was able to find a doctor with the same level of compassion and concern for Mama. Thank you. ~ JUDITH F.

    Unfortunately, my first visit to Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital was a sad one, as my rabbit needed to be euthanized. Still, I came away quite impressed with the hospital and especially the vet. There are separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats. Besides having very impressive educational credentials, Dr. Gearhart shows genuine warmth and compassion. She explained everything clearly and answered all of my questions, never hurrying me. The method of euthanasia she uses is much more comforting and gentle– even for rabbits, who usually are put down with an injection directly into the heart. Soon afterwards, I received a card filled with personalized messages from the doctor and staff. This is obviously a top- notch office run by caring people. ~ BETSY K.